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When we think of images of Sudan, they are normally of conflict, starvation and famine, with children desperate for a safe and secure future, a future once again thrown into disarray following the overthrow of long-term president Omar al-Bashirthat and the even more recent miliatry coup, all set against a backdrop of an ongoing genocide in Darfur. The video (below) was produced by a citizen of Sudan and attempts to provide some positive images of Sudan against a background of Sudanese music and poetry. Of course, such images do not detract from the overall situation in Sudan, but provide a balance as for many, particularly in the north and north-east of the country, the troubles of that land are not a daily occurrence and many live their lives in relative calm and safety.

Sudan itself, with its population of 43.85 million (2020), is situated in north-east Africa and is bordered to its east by Eritrea and Ethiopia, South Sudan to its south, the Central African Republic and Chad to its west, Chad to its west and Libya and Egypt to its north. It covers an area around a third the size of the USA. Sudan's topography (below) is dominated by desert in the north of the country that creates sandstorms as well as regular droughts, with a flat featureless plain in its centre and mountain ranges in the south, west and north-east. Both the White and Blue Nile flow through Sudan, meeting close to Khartoum (see slideshow above) before continuing its journey north into Egypt and flowing out into the Mediterranean Sea.

Sudan Topography

Whilst the situation is currently more than unstable, if you do get to visit Sudan take in the National Museum in Khartoum with its exhibits dating back to the time of the Pharaohs. The small Ethnographical Museum in Khartoum will also interest those who want an insight into Sudan village life with its collection of hunting implements, instruments and other daily artefacts. Also try and visit the beautiful and peaceful Sabaloka Gorge on the River Nile as well as a tour on the Nile itself and then Suakin Island originally developed by Ramesses III in the 10th century BCE as a strategic port for trade and exploration; a position it held for 3000 years. Whilst nowadays mostly ruins, it remains a popular tourist attraction and its port still ferries thousands of pilgrims across to Saudi Arabia each year to complete their Haj; the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca.

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